Happy (Real) 10th Birthday Bitcoin!

Today 3rd January 2019 marks 10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin code and created the genesis block, sparking a what’s to become of a real decentralized payment method in the world. Many people celebrated Bitcoin’s 10th birthday on 31st October 2018. So what’s with two birthdays of Bitcoin?

Here’s the deal…

Many celebrated Bitcoin’s 10th birthday in 2018 on October 31st (the day Satoshi released the Bitcoin whitepaper). However, it was only on January 3 of the following year that the genesis block was created.

So to commemorate this important date, we would like to request that our readers use this hashtag to promote the awareness on the Internet : #GenesisBlockTurns10

Where Is Bitcoin Today?

Since this watershed moment, although a rollercoaster ride, the industry has undeniably grown and steadily gained mainstream adoption. Satoshi arguably created the most innovative technology since the internet, and while this nascent industry remains divided on Bitcoin’s future, applications of the technology are still being discovered, and we continue to build. The Bitcoin genesis block’s 10th birthday is cause for celebration.

Llew Claasen, the Bitcoin Foundation’s Executive Director, said,

“The last 10 years of Bitcoin have been historic. All of the contributions that have been made by various members of our community since the creation of the genesis block have aided in the journey to a permissionless, decentralized world.”

“As we celebrate this day together on Jan 3 2019, we encourage everyone in our community to share their thoughts on the last 10 years of Bitcoin and their view on the future of Bitcoin using #GenesisBlockTurns10”, concludes Claasen.

Go on! Don’t be shy. Cut that cake. It’s time to celebrate 🙂

Article courtesy of Hodl Daily.
Image courtesy of Insta Stalker.

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