Crypto Knights is a crypto social community brand established in early 2017 and managed by CK Network Events (an SSM reg. company in Malaysia). We are advocates of digital currency and blockhain technology.

Co-Founded by two gentlemen by the name of Amarjit and Sambath. They felt there was a need to build a community of like minded people to come together and share about their challenges and successes in the crypto/  blockchain space.

The Co-founder says…

There are a lot of meetup groups and gatherings out there but most times you’ll realize they are just trying to sell their products/ services. Whether its another coin or some investment scheme. We want to make a change in the landscape and help educate and transfer true knowledge and experiences.

To date, they have close to 2000 members comprising of business owners, entrepreneurs, programmers, strategists, industry experts and enthusiasts spanning from Malaysia, Vietnam and soon, Indonesia.

So, don’t wait! Become a member of Crypto Knights today and get in front of the latest news, happenings and events in your country. (Membership is free, you can’t ask for more 🙂


Crypto Knights first official gathering in Franco cafe, KL in early 2017.